Project: Heartbreak Kids

If you're reading this and wondering, "What in the heck are Heartbreak Kids?”, or “Why would I want to be part of this project?”, you’re in the right place.


Project Heartbreak Kids showcases our reflections on relationships. You've probably heard the stories of messy or dramatic relationships. Maybe you were part of one.


But, how often do we hear about what people took away from a relationship? What aspects they grew from? Or about breakups that evolved into lasting friendships?


There are many ways to get your heart broken, but you are not alone in the healing process. I hope that this project allows us to share our stories of survival, lessons learned, regrets and sorrow that sometimes enter our minds, and ways we can support each other.


You shouldn’t cheat yourself out of reflection.  Please join me in sharing your story and growing and building stronger future relationships.

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